Monday, September 14, 2009

'Cuba' part II -Trinidad-

On Sunday Dec. 14, shortly after breakfast, we packed the car and headed for Trinidad. We asked our cousin Carmen to join us, she happily accepted, and of course,  she knew the way. Our plan was to spend two nights there.

Drying peanuts on the road side

On our way to Trinidad we made a quick stop in the beautiful city of Cienfuegos. Founded in 1819 by French settlers, and known for it's sumptuous colonial architecture. Unfortunately we did not have to much time to explore, we still had a long journey ahead of us.

"Mojito por favor?"

My Brother Joe, setting-up the camera for a group shot

The five of us in Cienfuegos

Laundry day

Roadside farm stand

Goat run

Unknown beach between Cienfuegos & Trinidad

Plaza Mayor
The quaint town of Trinidad was declared a World Heritage site in 1988. Known as Cuba's oldest and most enchanting outdoor museum. Beautifully restored homes and buildings along with cobblestone streets gives the town a truly Colonial feel.



Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima, Trinidad

Plaza Mayor, Trinidad

Hand made bags sold by the locals

Hats for sale

Children's clothes for sale at the street market

Hand embroidered table linens

Taxi driver

Near Plaza Mayor

Hardware store

Horse drawn buggy

Rooftop laundry line

We were looking for a particular restaurant, when we came across these two gentlemen. I asked them if they could show us in the right direction, they were very friendly and helpful, and they were poets, so they said. The gentleman on the right started singing to me, it was pretty cool!

That evening we stayed at this lodge near by

The next morning we went back to explore Trinidad a little further. This young lady was celebrating her fifteenth birthday, at first I thought she was a bride, but then realized that she was a Quinceñera.


Local musicians

Fancy restaurant

House of Santeria


I love this picture, I wonder what these two ladies were talking about, shhhh!

The "burro man" he'll give you a ride for one peso

Taxi mechanic

Palacio Cantero also known as Museo Historico Municipal, is a beautiful neo-classical mansion built in the early 1800's, by one of the richest men in Cuba, Don Pedro Jose Iznaga Borrell. It belonged to the Borrell family for many years and then was bought by a German man named Cantero.


Sitting Room



View from the tower at Palacio Cantero


My Brothers and I

Music everywhere

On the road again..... Good bye Trinidad

✈ ✈ ✈

This is the second post on my trip to Cuba, my next post will be on Viñales and La Havana.
Till then, enjoy!

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