Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monhegan Island, ME

This past August I had the opportunity to attend an art workshop on Monhegan Island, ME. This tiny island, about a mile and a half long, is located about 10 miles of the coast Maine. The only way to get there is by ferry, we took ours from New Harbor. There are no paved roads, no cars, with the exception of local pick-up trucks, one main hotel plus several inns, no hospital, no bars, only a couple of gift shops and a couple of restaurants. The summer months is the peak time to visit, whether you're a painter, writer, reader, photographer, hiker or just want to do nothing, this is the place. Half of the island does not have electricity, so a flashlight is a must if you are planning to be walking at night. Comfortable shoes are also a must.  I stayed at the Island Inn which is the main hotel on the island. It's a wonderful place, and breakfast is included with your stay. I loved my room, it was a corner room on the top floor, just big enough for a queen size bed, a small dresser and a private bathroom. It also had the best views!

The harbor

Arriving, view of the Island Inn, my hotel for the week.

My room

The view from my room

Looking towards the island of Manana

The day I arrived on Monhegan, was right after hurricane Bill had just passed through there. Our ferry ride, which took about an hour, was a little choppy. Once we got on the island, I checked in and then met  up with my group at Lobster Cove, to watch the crashing waves, they were spectacular! Earlier in the day part of my art group had painted there, one of the artists from our group, had all her painting gear knocked down and washed away by a very large swell, thank goodness she was not.  At Lobster Cove there is the remains of a shipwreck, the D.T. Sheridan which went ashore in 1948.


Remains of the tugboat D.T. Sheridan

The home of Jamie Wyeth the son of American artist Andrew Wyeth

View from Fish Beach


 View from Fish Beach at sunset

Another view from Fish Beach

One of my favorite subjects to photograph, and, there was plenty of it!

Fish Beach

  Purple buoys


View of the harbor towards Manana


The Church

Monhegan School

The general store

The Barnacle is owned by the Island Inn, it's also known as the bakery. It's the place to go for a cup of coffee and fresh baked goods. They also have sandwiches, chowder and other prepared and yummy meals, oh, and also beer and wine.

The Barnacle

The Island Inn

View from the front lawn of the Island Inn, on a very foggy morning


Lobster boats

Swim Beach

The Fish House is "the place" to go to for a lobster dinner.  For about $16.00 you get a whole lobster and corn on the cob, and as far as I know, if you like lobster, there's no other place but Maine for it!


Fish Beach

A boy and his dog

Sunrise over the Lighthouse

The message wall

The Lighthouse and Museum

Fog warning bell


The Monhegan Museum and Lighthouse

Sunsets on Monhegan are pretty spectacular

View of White Head

Ready to paint at White Head


White Head

"Fairy houses" - Cathedral Woods

One of many "fairy houses" at Cathedral Woods


Wash day at the Trailing Yew Inn

"Hello kitty"

♫me and my shadow.....♫

Island pugs

The menu from the Fish House



Some of my friends painting at Swim Beach


"hey lady, get off my property"

View of town

The Cemetery

The Lighthouse

The Museum

Ice Lake


"Let's go for a swim"

Another beautiful sunset


Sunset from Fish Beach

We had great weather all week on Monhegan, except for the day we were due lo leave. I woke up to a very gray and rainy day, not sure if the ferries were going to run. Very rough seas had been predicted the day before because of a tropical depression heading our way. Well, the ferries came, later then scheduled. It was raining, it was cold, it seemed like everyone had way to much luggage/stuff to load on the boat. At full capacity, we were off. The Captain assured us that "it's not too bad". Yeah right! I thought this was my last day on earth, we were all doomed, the end. I kept thinking, if this is not "too bad", what is? Thank goodness for Ramona, one of the artist in our group, she was prepared. The day before, she generously gave me a motion sickness patch.
The boat was rocking side to side, up and down, water gushing in, people getting sick all around me. My feet were frozen, I had made the mistake of wearing flip flops, don't know why, but, I did not get sick and obviously I survived!

 Monhegan Island is an enchanting place. It's no wonder that, it is one of the most visited places in the North East by artists and others alike.  I look forward to my return.

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Anonymous said...

Fun to see the pictures again; they're beautiful.
Jim & Nuala

donnaprizzi said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing these beautiful images!


Unknown said...

I love these pictures! so evocative of that special place.
Sharon (whose painting and gear sleeps with the fishes)