Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'The Faraway Land'

My summer is not complete without a visit to one of my favorite destinations, the Island of Nantucket.
About 30 miles out to sea, off the south coast of Cape Cod, 14 miles in length and 3.5 miles wide; a jewel of an island, rich in history, architecture and natural beauty. 'Nantucket,' the name derives from a Native American word meaning 'faraway land.' Originally inhabited by the Wampanoag Indian tribe when discovered in 1602, by Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold, an Englishman. Quakers settled in the island in the early 1700's and soon found it an ideal center for whaling. By the early 1800's Nantucket became known as the whaling capital of the world.
Long gone are the days of whale oil filled lamps and Quaker bonnets, but it's wealth still apparent from it's whaling days.
Cobblestone streets, beautiful gray shingled homes adorned by well-maintained gardens with white picket fences, miles of white sandy beaches along with bike trails that take you there, art galleries, beautiful boutiques and delectable restaurants, what else can I say...... I love it there!

View of Brant Point Lighthouse from the harbor

'Gardiner's Corner Mural,' designed in 1936 by H. Marshall Gardiner, a local merchant.

The flower lady

The Juice Bar, not only for juice but also for ice cream

Happy customers at the Juice Bar

The produce truck on Main St.

Boats of all sizes, from small fishing boats to million dollar yachts

The Old Barn at Siasconset Golf Course

Footbridge - Siasconset

Rose cottages at The Summer House - Siasconset

Siasconset pronounced 'Sconset is a village eight miles east from the town of Nantucket. Known for it's charming cluster of rose covered cottages and magnificent mansions overlooking the sea.

Farmer's market

How we get around

Beach umbrellas at Cliffside Beach Club

Murray's Toggery Shop where locals and non-locals purchase 'Nantucket Reds,' salmon color cotton clothing.

Cisco Brewers, a fun place

A boat named 'Memories'

Stormy day at Surfside

Brant Point Lighthouse

Jetties Beach

The Old Mill built in 1746 and believed to be the oldest of it's kind in the United States

Long Pond

Another view of Long Pond

Before sunrise, all is quiet on Main St.

Main St.

Can't wait to return, we still have much more to explore on this beautiful and peaceful island.

Links to some of our favorite restaurants:

American Seasons

Black-Eyed Susan's

Boarding House

Company of the Cauldron

Corazon del mar


Galley Beach

Le Languedoc Inn & Bistro

Lo La 41

21 Federal

Oran Mor Bistro & Bar


Sconset Cafe

Straight Wharf

The Pearl 

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