Friday, March 11, 2011


Last Fall on a cold and crisp October day, I had the honor of photographing and video taping Andrew Lattimore, my art teacher, while doing a painting demonstration, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Werner in Cornwall, NY. Working on a 20 x 70 inch canvas, Andrew painted a most stunning view of the Hudson River.
This demonstration is being featured in the March/April issue of Plein Air Magazine.
Here are some of the images I took on that day,

This was the final image I took, it was time to pack it in for the day. As you can see in the background, the lighting had drastically changed. Andrew completed the painting by adding more details and highlights at his art studio. Click here to see the finished painting.

Spectacular view of the Hudson River looking North toward the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

And here's the edited version of the video I took

Have a great weekend!

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